The beard en route to Bourbon Street


I recently returned from a long weekend in New Orleans. It was a great time, although I ate far too many fried things. I love the Big Easy. The jazz music, the cajun/creole spices, loose booze laws, creepy witch doctor voodoo vibes, the warm weather, French influence, front-of-house balconies, I could go on for a while. I was there with some old friends, and we experienced much.

On our last night, we were hanging along Frenchman Street. It has live jazz happening in every establishment you pass, and isn’t quite as nasty as Bourbon Street. The band was playing Smooth Operator and we were all enjoying ourselves immensely when a redbeard caught my peripherals through the window.

Due in part to an intense summer gig, I’ve neglected this here blog for some time. So I was feeling a tad guilty and on the prowl to capture a Louisiana redbeard. And that I did – a feisty one too. He was with some friends, they were on their way to Bourbon Street for the debauchery that occurs there. We chatted for a moment, then he struck a pose. It sort of looks like he’s got a strange sweat situation going on, but I believe that’s just my shadow. I forget his name, but he was cool.