Mon amie, le chasseur de redbeards

My friend Kristen abandoned me in Paris and moved her pretty self back to San Francisco. But before she left, she helped me capture several fabulous redbeards. This guy was found in a tucked away little cocktail bar near Odeon. It's called The Castor Club, and in French, castor means beaver. They have a large taxidermied beaver (that I want to steal) just chilling on a shelf, tunes that remind me of deep Kentucky, and really tasty (mais, trop cher) cocktails. As we sipped our adult bevs, we spotted him, but I was too scared to ask for a photo. Kristen on the other hand, was not. She grabbed his arm as he sauntered by and confidently asked (in French I may add) if he would join my collection and pose for a pic. He happily complied, so there we have it. And he was wearing a cool shirt too. Merci beaucoup mon amie.