The gift of holiday redbeards

This fall I freelanced for a few months at a magical branding/everything shop called Teak. After spending the summer at a much larger company, it was refreshing to be at a place that moved faster than my brain can think, and let you own your work all the way through. Also, the people there are gems, all of them. And they serve waffles every Wednesday. 

When it came time for the holiday party, Teak put on a boozy cooking course where we all made Indian food, and then headed to a bar for billiards and karaoke. Because of the close-knit nature of the company, after the initial dinner thing, tons of past employees and friends of Teak all came out to celebrate as well. Songs were sung, beers were clinked against each other, and as you may have guessed, I found redbeards. 

The first one was Farid. He was a former Teak employee who others spoke about fondly. He tilted back to show the full extent of his facial fieriness and that was that. In the background, I believe Jonathan was feeling sadness or perhaps regret that his beard is purely brunette. 

Then I came upon Josh. He was there as a date. A coworker of mine, Angela, clearly also recognized the value of a strong redbeard, and made one her man. Thank you to both Josh and Farid for letting me photograph your faces. It made my night. Though the night was kind of already made, because the party was wonderful. Thanks to Teak for that.