The bearded barista

The last few months, I've spent most of my working hours in the Presidio of San Francisco. It's very lovely there. Lots of trees, Karl the fog floating in all mystical-like. Cannons at the entrance, old barracks throughout, it just makes you feel peaceful and think about history. You kind of miss the hustle and grit of the city, but the Presidio has its own magic. 

The Presidio also has its own Starbucks. And within this Starbucks, there works a redbeard. Lately, I've been sort of snobbish about my redbeard photo captures. Breezing past unless they have huge, flaming face foliage that can't be ignored. This guy's beard wasn't the most overgrown, but there's something about it I found compelling. So I ordered a flat white, then asked for a portrait. Good man.