Le garçon barbu qui aimait danser

This young redbeard was discovered at a party. We still have quite a many photos to get through until we hit present day, so this is a past-ie and still in San Francisco. I believe these photos were taken last summer in early June.

For months, maybe even years, I'd heard good, wild things about Hard French, a monthly dance party at a bar called El Rio. I knew I would soon be moving to France, and so when my friend Hillary Lannan suggested we go, I was thrilled. Hilldawg is pretty much an SF socialite, and can always be counted on for a good time. We arrived a bit late, and the party was in full swing. There was less dancing than I'd expected, but plenty of merriment. I got tipsy quick, and remember embarrassing Hillary by touching the curly hair of one of her coworkers. I can be a creepy drunk for sure. But the upside of my imbibing is that I lost all fear of asking every redbeard at the party if I could take a picture of them.

I had to take two photos of this guy, because in the first one it looked like his head hair was red as well. It was not. It was most definitely blonde. There wasn't tons of dancing (as I mentioned above), but this man was rocking out. It was a tough decision to interrupt his dancing to ask about his beard. But I'm glad I did it. He didn't mind either. He was very proud of his beard and had plans to grow it much larger.