The possibly unwilling redbeard

Sometimes I wonder how redbeards feel about their beards. I ask because my best friend Jenny is a redhead and she loves it. It fits her fun personality and she enjoys how it's kind of rare. But there are all sorts of negative myths about gingers - like that they have bad tempers, are sexual deviants, no soul, etc. So are most redbearded dudes proud of their fiery face hair or do they resent it?

Maybe I'll start asking each sir I photograph how he feels about his partial-ginger status. But for now, I present to you a man that doesn't seem happy about it. Or at least wasn't pleased to have his picture taken. Dídima, a feisty Spanish girlfriend of mine, sent me this shot. The subject is her coworker who she appears to have cornered. He gave a scowl, but let it happen. Thanks Didi!